The Leading Physicians of the World began as a yearly publication, selecting and documenting the biographies of medicines brightest minds. Over time we have evolved into the largest international exclusive medical organization, representing first rate doctors in over 100 different medical specialties in all major markets across the globe.
Our company’s reputation for excellence derives from the most exacting levels of quality we demand from our members, each of which must pass a scrupulous evaluation process of their education, training, medical techniques, and consumer ratings.

This set of standards is the most stringent in the industry, and is what maintains the high level of integrity of our organization, and the most accurate results for our book.
Our research department nominates physicians based on data collected from a variety of different resources, taking into account education, medical affiliations, consumer reviews, medical/research contributions and more. In addition to individual selection, our active members have the ability to nominate peers, colleagues, mentors and associates.

Our selection is very limited, nominating the only top 1%-2% in each specialty.

This guarantees that invitation is granted only to those individuals who are experts in their field.

Our stringent evaluation process is to ensure that we maintain the highest quality of physicians in our organization, as well as the most accurate results for consumers.


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Published yearly, and distributed exclusively to members, physicians and healthcare institutions, The Leading Physicians of the World, raises the bar for all medical professionals and is a guiding light for inquiring consumers.
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