With my mother recently being rediagnosed with breast cancer, my family was confused and did not know where to turn. We had been seeing the same oncologist for years, but were unsure if her current treatment was what she needed. With endless doctor appointments already and living in a remote area, we wanted to get a second opinion from a renowned cancer specialist without the hassle of flying to a major city. After contacting LPW, they put me in contact with a breast cancer expert who reviewed all of my mother’s records, and gave his opinion as to what her treatment should be. Thanks to the Leading Physicians of World, my mother got a second opinion that made us reconsider her previous treatment, and she is now doing great.

Carla Lambert
Trosper, Kentucky

As a physician, making a difference is what it’s all about. As a member of numerous associations, I never thought being part of the Leading Physicians would be so significant. It is the only organization that does not only provide clinical information, but really changes the way that consumers make their choices. I pride myself on years of experience, and have made numerous contributions to my field through teaching and research. Being inducted and published in The Leading Physicians of the World, was a chance for my family and my community to celebrate my accomplishments and appreciate the progress that we have made over the years.

Richard Moskowitz
Temple City Hematology

I didn’t know where to turn to; my eleven year old little boy Joshua had a stroke. His rehabilitation was slow, but our worry of it happening again was what really tortured us. It seemed that no one specialized in treating this type of pediatric case, and I contacted The Leading Physicians of the World, after a friend had recommended it to me. They were very kind, and thorough in making sure that they documented Joshua’s case correctly. They immediately forwarded out his information to their members. I received a call from a physician the next day who had dealt with many of these cases in children. His secretary sent me his Leading Physicians webpage which showed me the numerous articles that he had written on the subject, as well as all of his credentials. I immediately felt comfortable, and made an appointment. He performed numerous tests, to make sure this would not happen (blood clot) again. Thank you Leading Physicians of the World for putting my mind at ease.

Theresa Contillo
Birmingham, Alabama

As a plastic surgeon, I have become very familiar with how consumers make their choices, and why. I was chief of plastic surgery in one of the country’s most renowned institutions, and still business seemed to be at a standstill. My experience and expertise was highly noted in the medical community, and in all of the associations to which I belonged, but in the community I apparently had not built up as strong of an image. I noticed that the physicians who were making money, were the ones on the radio and in supermarket ads, with the loudest voices and the biggest pictures. And I thought to myself, “one of the physicians is not even board certified, what is wrong with people!” That is why I appreciate organizations such as The Leading Physicians of the World. They help consumers make “informed decisions”. I have my full biography displayed in the book, which has resulted in over fifteen new clients in nine months. People read the book, see it online, and see everything about myself and my practice. It is a great way for patients to make choices based on solid information, not just clever marketing techniques.

Robert Silverstein
East Coast Surgical Center

Thank you Leading Physicians of the World! I just moved to Chicago, and didn’t know how I was going to replace the wonderful doctors I had at home. By using your book, I found an outstanding doctor in every specialty I needed. I am now one step closer to feeling comfortable in the windy city.

Diane Martino
Chicago, Illinois

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